Journeying Back With Mary (2)

Day 2: 13th. Station
Jesus is taken down from the cross

Mary says: This is where the sword pierced my heart as Simeon had foretold. He was not heavy at all when I first carried him in my arms; He was just a tiny infant. At that time, I had said ‘Behold the servant girl of the Lord, whatever the Lord wants, let it be done unto me’. It cost me dearly to repeat those words, when He was once again laid in my arms just a few hours ago, limp and cold. And the burden I have to carry is heavy. But I had pledged my word and I mean to keep it to the last: “Have thine own way Lord, have thine own way”.

Did I not give my word too, dear Mother, when all was rosy and bright? But when trials came and difficulties filled my path, I have wavered. Give me the strength, give me the Spirit which you possessed, give me the determination that was yours, so that I may be more faithful.


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