Journeying Back With Mary (6)

Day 6 : 9th. Station
Jesus falls a third time

This was where he fell for the third time. Can you imagine the pain and the panic in my heart to see him sprawling on the ground? For a moment I thought he was dead. I thought he would never get up. But no. He did – slowly, ever so slowly and painfully he struggled to his feet. I wanted to run to him and help him, but the soldiers held me back and pushed me into the crowd. And he, summoned up the last ounce of energy still left in him to pull himself up. He has but a little distance to go before everything will be over. All would be accomplished.

Mother, in my life I fall many times. But I lack determination to get up every time I fall. I am often quite comfortable to remain where I have fallen. I often fail to try and try again. Rather easily I give up the fight. Give me the strength, Mother, to start afresh every time I fail, to begin anew when I am down. Strengthen my will and make it like yours.


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