Journeying Back With Mary (10)

Day 10: 5th. Station
Simon helps Jesus carry the cross

Here I was in the crowd, unnoticed. Yet, I felt the pain of every blow. I dared not come close to him, I dared not touch or speak to him. I was numb, speechless, terrified. How I longed to ease the weight on his shoulders. And then I saw the soldiers compel a stranger to do this act of kindness. I could sense that Simon was reluctant at first, but as we went slowly forward, his frown gave way to acceptance. He willingly shouldered the burden. He had understood. It was what my Son needed most – the help of a friend, a gesture of love, and his friends were nowhere in sight. A stranger came to help and became a friend.

There are times Mother, when I see human misery and close my eyes, turn away and harden my heart. There are occasions when I refuse to get involved. I say: “not my business”. There are times when I simply run away because I am afraid of consequences. Mary, make me realise that my Father’s business is my business, that my brother in distress, has a right to make a demand on me.


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