Journeying Back With Mary (9)

Day 9: 6th. Station
Veronica wipes Jesus’ face

She was a stranger. I had never met her. I saw her suddenly push through the crowd, and, before the soldiers could realise, quickly wipe his face. I had wanted to do the same, but two soldiers had been constantly keeping me away. I had thought that there was no one who felt like me. But in Veronica, I found a kindred soul. How happy I was to see her wipe his face. And how his face showed tenderness and gratitude. Veronica suffered for this, she was beaten and dragged away. But I saw her turn back looking at him, eyes contented, at least she had done something for him.

Mother, how often do I go out of my way looking for troubled hearts? How often do I see the pain and anguish written on others’ faces? How often do I dare to do an act of compassion? How often do I bring solace to a troubled heart and peace to a storm-tossed soul? Help me, Mother, to be a source of comfort and strength to all those troubled hearts who pass my way.


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