FYI: Non-Muslims Rights News


The Christian Federation of Malaysia views with great concern the recent
decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of Subashini v. Saravanan, where
she, although a non-Muslim, was urged to submit to the jurisdiction of the
Syariah courts to seek recourse from the break-up of her family, when her
husband converted to Islam.

It is troubling to note, and indeed of great concern to all Malaysians, that
what is clearly stated in the Federal Constitution, that the Syariah courts
shall have jurisdiction only over persons professing the religion of Islam
[Schedule 9, List 11 (1)], is now being extended, by the court decision, to
include non-Muslims.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia respects the Federal Constitution to be
the supreme law of the country [Art 4 (1)], and therefore, it must guarantee
the right of all non-Muslim Malaysian citizens to find justice served in the
civil courts of the country.

In view of this development, the Christian Federation of Malaysia joins with
all other likeminded Malaysians in raising our concern to the government.
Decisions like this impact negatively on the social fabric of Malaysia.

We therefore, call on all elected members of Parliament to do everything
within their means to defend our Constitution, and to safeguard the right of
non-Muslim citizens to find remedy and justice in the civil courts in matters
pertaining to civil rights and liberties.

Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing, SJ
The Executive Committee
Christian Federation of Malaysia
Dated: 22nd March 2007

2. And, from 26 March 2007, Judiciary failing non-Muslims

As much as I want to refrain from sounding overly fearful, I keep hearing these warning bells in my head – “Stay Awake! Be Alert! Read the Signs! Understand! Respond!” And amidst all the clanging gongs and noises, the words of Jesus keep coming back softly, “Be merciful as your Father is merciful” (Mt. 5:7)


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