Small Minds Fat Hopes

Here they go again! Just to prove Raja Petra being right about the seemingly hopelessness of the current government and the lack of a credible opposition, here come our guys from PKR and DAP shooting themselves in the feet once again on the allocation of parliamentary and state seats for the next General Elections! Read here for details. Alamak Oi!

The general feeling on the ground is one of genuine displeasure but instead of capitalizing on the inherent weaknesses, our friends in the Opposition corner still seem to be stuck in a time-warp. When will they ever learn? Just taking Penang only, there is an avalanche of possible issues to address – the PORR (silence is golden?), the recently announced NCER and the mammoth PGCC projects (with Komtar now a veritable white elephant and the soon to open Phase 1 of the huge Penang Times Square) , the Heritage issues, the Penang Port ferries, etc.etc. etc.

Saw an ad in the papers the other day which said “The world is getting smaller. Our minds shouldn’t”. Enough said.

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