The Spirituality of The Icons

Like so many times before, my Lenten journey this year has consisted of huffing and puffing along unfamiliar roads. And, much to my embarrassment, it’s not been so much taking “the road less traveled” rather it has been more of “the road NEVER taken before!”. But interestingly, all this stumbling, bumbling, tripping and failing has brought me to places I’d never dreamed of going to! And so, my latest stop in this journey to Jerusalem is here:

The Spirituality of The Icons of the Orthodox Church.

Now, this is something I’d heard of, off and on over the years, but, had never taken seriously till today. Interestingly, today’s readings touch on the subject of “blindness” – of being born with perfectly good eyes that cannot see! Ouch! That hurts! But, let me move on to the story of the Icons. For a detailed explanation of religious Icons go here.

Jesuit priest Fr. William Hart McNichols at Creighton University (one of 28 Jesuit Colleges and universities in the U.S.A,) is also an accomplished Iconographer. In his own words:

“I honor and revere the Byzantine icons and the profound spirituality of the Orthodox Churches. I try to bring true devotion and prayer into the process of creating (writing) an icon – dependent upon the inspiration of the Blessed Trinity, the saints, holy ones, and the Mother of God. As a Roman Catholic iconographer, I have no intention of assuming to be Orthodox, but continue to pray with many others, for holy unity brought about by the Spirit, amongst the Churches. In the words of Julian of Norwich: “For love’s sake, let its pray together to God, with God’s working: thanking, trusting, enjoying for our good Lord desires to be prayed to in this way. “

So, I thought for this week, I will try to pray, contemplating on one of Fr. McNichols’ Lenten Meditative Icons: Jesus Christ Redeemer Holy Silence. Maybe you would want to try it too.

Happy Stumbling!

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