The Spin Doctors Are At Work!

Actually, that should just read “The Spin Doctor” – who else but the honorable Dr. Mahathir himself. Take a look at this scenario: The huge BN machinery has just been thoroughly whacked by a rag tag combination of People’s Power. And in the aftermath of the battle, when the wounded are most vulnerable, the vultures gather. The good doctor then prescribes his medicine: “Badawi should go”, “He has destroyed UMNO”, “He has destroyed BN”. Excuse me?

One man alone doesn’t spoil the soup, dear Dr. What about the likes of Nazri – (btw: just where is he?!), who single handedly managed to give enough ammunition to the people to bomb BN back into oblivion? What about the PM in waiting – who has the Mongolian albatross hanging over his head? What about the AP Queen? What about Mr. “Kerismudin”? And the great KJ?

Ayo, Dr. So you’re seeing the BN you helped create crumbling. But, you’re prescribing the wrong medicine la….You are not reading the script. The People will decide whom we want. Not you Dr. Not anymore. Najib is your choice but it sure ain’t mine! We don’t need another hero, we don’t WANT another hero. Pak Lah will go, forced or not, like Tunku in 1970, that’s for sure. But, first he will fight for his political future. Najib? So what if Najib won by a 20,000 majority? He can be the PM of Pekan for all I care. That’s where he belongs. Not Putrajaya.


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