Another Brick In The Wall

Fascinating – this business of tale spinning and spinning doctors.

Check if this makes sense: UMNO was part of the ruling coalition in Penang for 38 years. During that time, they had a few Deputy CM’s – who were in turn responsible for all Malay/Muslim affairs. Yet, during this tenure, more Malay “wakaf” land and traditional villages went the way of the dinosaur than at any other time in modern Penang history!

UMNO is claiming the same old fairy tale that the NEP must remain in its current form and that it has actually helped ordinary Malays in overwhelming ways. If that were true, then 80% of the Malay population in Penang would be living the good life. Yet, a quick survey around the island would show otherwise, with a few exceptions. Just go to Tanjong Tokong, then – one of the few traditional Malay fishing villages – now, just another playground for the super duper rich. This “progress” for one segment of society has come at a huge cost to another’s traditional livelihood. Where was UMNO then? More probably, they were all running around and falling over each other to grab a piece of the gravy train that was passing by.

It’s always easier to blame the bogeyman for one’s own weaknesses. In this case – Guan Eng. Whether he was wise in publicly proclaiming that 2 days into office is another thing. Not to mention that Anwar has called for a total dismantlement of the NEP in favor of a Malaysian Economic Agenda. My advice to UMNO: Tepuk dada, tanya sendiri bruder!

Susan Loone has got some pictures of the demo in front of Komtar this afternoon. Watch ’em here.


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