For the past couple of months, I’ve been juggling extra duties at my everyday job, venturing into Internet Marketing, being present to my wife and son, struggling in my faith journey while keeping my sanity at the same time! Needless to say, it’s not exactly been a resounding success. In fact, there have been times when one thing seemed to want to swallow up another. Progress (if any!) has been slow.

But, while life was giving me another of its lessons in my face, I stumbled upon a couple of new things on the Internet today. First, I found there was actually such a thing as a Christian Social Networking website (much like the current favourites like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace). Which was amazing, because I’d never bothered to search for one – and, I don’t know if that’s a positive vibe or otherwise! Second, after registering and skimming through its pages, I read a gem of a devotional on the very meaning and power of the word “Enthusiasm”, written by John Roos.

Which, after pondering, lifted my spirits no end. This is for all of us who may find the road a bit too rough, the paths a bit too rugged for now. Go here for some much needed “Enthusiasm”!


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