The Songs They May Be Singing!

O.K. I thought to myself – Enough bad news for now. It’s the weekend anyway. Let’s all take a break, have a kit kat and laugh at ourselves (and all those poor whipping boys out there!):)

The social experts say I am one of those “baby-boomer” generation and so it happened that I grew up, I suspect with millions of others with the music of the 60’s and 70’s. And so, just for fun and a little bit of sanity, I came up with my own list of Top 10 hits by the original artistes and who may be singing it today! Here then is the Top of the Pops for the week ending June 14 2008!:

1. Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself!
Original Artiste: Eric Clapton. Cover Version: Karpal Singh

2. I did it my way – indeed!
OA: Frank Sinatra. CV: Mahathir

3. Do you believe in magic?
OA: The Lovin Spoonful. CV: Pak Lah

4. Strange brew.
OA: Cream. CV: Pakatan Rakyat

5. California dreamin.
OA: Mamas and Papas. CV: Town Councillors on lawatan sambil belajar trips

6. You light up my life.
OA: Debbie Boone. CV: TNB CEO Che Khalib (after the oil price hike!)

7. The Hustle.
OA: Van Mccoy. CV: Malaysia’s Privatisation Policy

8. Fantasy.
OA: Earth, Wind and Fire. CV: Mahathir’s Vision 2020

9. Dont bring me down.
OA: Electric Light Orchestra. CV: Najib

10. Stayin Alive.
OA: Bee Gees. CV: Malaysian Public!


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