Taking Back Our Judiciary (2)

From Michelle Yoon as quoted in The People’s Parliament, a heartfelt plea:

‘People say that signing petitions always come to naught. So they don’t sign. But let’s just imagine for a moment what it would be like if all of us were to put cynicism and skepticism behind. Imagine a petition signed by 22 million people. Would that not carry an impact? Would the authorities not have to sit up and pay attention? Would they not have to take action?

This is what we call People Power. People Power doesn’t always have to come in forms of street protests or bloodshed. People Power can be as simple as all of us uniting as one voice to let the authorities know that this is what concerns us.

Don’t turn away when asked to sign a petition on something that you care about. If you care, and if you want to voice your concern, lend your voice to us. Your signature, your name, one minute of your time, could mean everything’

Read the rest here.


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