Free RPK; Repeal ISA Now! Update 2

Susan Loone reports that a “really good soul named Allan has designed a WEBSITE with an online protest for RPK and the other ISA detainees in Kamunting”.

Click the link to access the website and sign the online petition addressed to the Minister of your choice. Yes, you have the options of sending the pre-written messages to RPK, PM Abdullah Badawi, DPM Najib and of course, Baldy a.k.a Syed Hamid Albar. So, go on, get moving if you haven’t done so yet.

Btw: The first website which Allan put up for this appeal has been blocked by you know who…in case you are wondering whether this would work. A total of 25,000++ petitions so far have clearly irked the authorities.

Click here to sign the petition now.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing”
– Edmund Burke.


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