Catholic Herald: Still Waiting for Permit

As of today (28/12/08), the Catholic Herald newspaper has not received the printing permit for 2009, even though the paper applied for the renewal back in July!

Charles Hector reports in detail here.

According to the New Straits Times, the Deputy Home Minister had said this in reference to the delay in renewing Herald’s permit:

“Until Dec 31, we are not going to announce anything. There is plenty of time. Let them wait.”

Wah!! Sounds so much like that lost soul Mugabe who rejected calls to step down and actually declared that “Zimbabwe belongs to me!” They all sound alike don’t they? These servants who think they can lord it over us. They don’t see it’s just a matter of time that they will be out of a job, perhaps sooner than they think!

Which brings me to this story by Anthony de Mello in “The Prayer of the Frog”:

A farmer whose corn always took the first prize at the State Fair had the habit of sharing his best corn seed with all the farmers in the neighbourhood.

When asked why, he said, “It is really a matter of self-interest. The wind picks up the pollen and carries it from field to field. So if my neighbours grow inferior corn, the cross pollination brings down the quality of my own corn. That is why I am concerned that they plant only the very best.”

All of which is I believe lost on lost souls like our dear deputy minister and that other fellow in Zimbabwe and the like.


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