Raja Petra’s Farewell Message

I just received this in the mail. No holds barred as usual from RPK. The saddest thing regarding this post is that he may yet be right. 17th February (tomorrow) is the date when the Federal Court is due to hear the appeal against his release from the Internal Security Act detention. RPK seems almost sure that his case is doomed from the start. “Two of the three judges appear to be hostile towards us from the word ‘go’ “, he writes in his Malaysia Today blog.

His heartfelt appeal begins below:

This country needs major political, economic and social reforms. The next two years are going to be most trying years indeed. And expect a snap general election within 18 months of Najib taking over if he does take over on 1 April 2009.

And, here are some excerpts:

On 7 November 2008, the Shah Alam High Court ordered my release from detention. The government has appealed this decision although it did not see the need to appeal the decision of the Shah Alam High Court acquitting Abdul Razak Baginda of the charge of murder without his defence being called.

I was in court last week to witness the performance of the three judges and what I saw did not give me much confidence. First of all, we asked for a quorum of seven judges, or at least five. But the court turned us down and fixed a quorum of only three judges. And two of the three judges appear to be hostile towards us from the word ‘go’. It looks like my fate has been sealed even before the case goes to court.

Anyway, I know for a fact that it was not Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who ordered my detention. He was not even aware I had been detained. The order came from Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and since I am bent on making sure he never becomes Prime Minister on 1 April 2009 I really do not blame him for wanting to get me out of the way.

Read the rest of RPK’s probable last hurrah here

Meanwhile, let’s all pray for RPK and all ISA detainees – that they will all be set free or charged in a court of law but not incarcerated behind bars without a fair trial.

And, light a candle wherever you are. For justice and peace in this land.


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