April 7: B-Day Approaches

So, it’s down to the wire at the two Bukits – Selambau and Gantang, and Batang Ai come April 7.

Who will prevail? And who will bite the dust?

For live updates and comments, try these feeds:

1. The People’s Parliament

2. Nate Tan

3. Anil Netto

Meanwhile, new PM, Najib is on a reported “shock and awe” mission to reverse the groundswell against the BN especially after March 8, 2008. Hence, the walkabouts in Petaling Street, Brickfields and elsewhere.

The 13 “released” ISA detainees? Well, another ex-PM did exactly the same thing when he came into power in 1981, releasing 21 of such “dangerous” elements then – only to arrest scores more under the same Act in 1987 in Operasi Lallang – mainly to secure his own strangelhold on power.
So, what’s the big deal about the release anyway? They shouldn’t have been put in detention in the first place.

Read Malaysia Insider’s take on the first few days of the new PM in power here.

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