Gadoh! The Movie

In the last decade or so, we’ve had our senses stunned by the ever increasing racists chants by politicians and other public figures – all in the purpose of remaining popular and “relevant” within their own schemes – politically, economically, and etc.

While most Malaysians tend to not play up racial problems publicly, there is this tendency to “close ranks” whenever we feel “threatened”. Overall, there has been an increase in ill tolerance for the “other”. Some of the online comments in blogs and posts are terrifying.

Lately we have begun fearing for our kids in schools, where more and more cases of teenage gangsterism is rearing its ugly head. Admitedly, some of these involve racism, others not. Local TV stations have highlighted these incidents happening both in the peninsular and East Malaysia, in both single sex and co-ed schools, and among boys and girls equally.

It’s timely then that KOMAS, an NGO specialising in social communications, has released a movie entitled “Gadoh” – a commentary on grassroots racism among youth. Blogger Nathaniel Tan has taken the initiative in highlighting this in his review of the movie.

Watch this trailer from KOMMAS.

It would be good if more ordinary citizens could catch this movie so as to be able to understand what is happening to our young, and how together, we could work toward eliminating such problems and build a better Malaysia for all.

More information on KOMMAS and their work here.


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