EPL Dateline: 16 August 2009

The EPL 2009-2010 season kicked off on Saturday, 15/8/09 with wins for the favourites, Chelsea and Manchester United against low ranked opponents, Hull and Birmingham respectively.

Gulf powered Manchester City too got the perfect start when they overcame Blackburn 2-0 away. Bad news however for Liverpool when they got beaten 2-1 away at resurgent Tottenham.

At the other end of the spectrum, favourite for the drop Burnley and Wolves, expectedly lost 2-0
results. Looks like a long hard season for them.

Meanwhile, Fabio Cappelo was angry with a “careless” England during the friendly against Holland last week. Quote:

“I saw it and I was angry about it,” he said. “These are the mistakes I don’t like. We had recovered everything and then we might have lost the game on the counter-attack. Why? It was really stupid.”

Read what he said in full at FIFA dot com.

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