Mr. DPM/EM Muhyiddin, a message for you

The Sun reported that the Deputy P.M. Muhyiddin Yassin as saying that “his hands are tied” in the matter of the matter of the two school principals who allegedly uttered derogatory remarks at their non-Malay students.

The paper went on to quote Muhyiddin who also holds the Education Minister portfolio:  “The minister cannot make decisions, so the cases that involve certain (disciplinary) matters has to be decided by the disciplinary committee under the director-general (of PSD).”

My head screams out just one sentence:  “What the ?!@*!!?%!!! is he talking about?”

For your information Mr. DPM,

“You can delegate responsibility, but you can’t delegate accountability to anyone. If someone gives you a job to do, you can get someone else to do it, but you are still accountable to produce the results. If the job isn’t done right the only person to blame is you, because even though you’ve delegated the responsibility, you are still accountable.”

At least that’s my understanding of it. But I suppose that wouldn’t have any bearing whatsoever in the convoluted minds of elected reps like you.

Btw: If you are the Education Minister and you don’t do your job that you are paid to do, doesn’t that mean you are getting “gaji buta”?

Compare the “washing off of hands” of the dear DPM with that of Nurul Izzaah’s statement upon entering the race for the vice-presidency post in the upcoming Parti Keadilan Rakyat elections:

“We will be measured by our party members, our Pakatan partners and the Malaysian people on how we uphold democratic principles in our party elections. So, let us rise to the occasion and not betray the hopes and expectations with the promise of a better Malaysia for all Malaysians,”. (as reported by Free Malaysia Today).

Maybe we should just send the dear Mr. DPM/EM back to school and learn from Mr. Stanley here:


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