Who NOT to vote for!

This morning I happened to go to one of my regular restaurants for “apom manis”.

As I was about to pay up and leave, the boss who happens to be a friend and a fellow Malaysian of Indian descent casually asked….

“Where are you voting?”

I replied, “Right here…at Sekolah Kebangsaan So and So”…

He went again, “Ahh..but who are you voting for?”

I gave him a wry smile…. I think he got the answer. I felt there was something more and waited …. Sure enough, he went on to add…

“Back in 2008, it was easier…we (the Indians, I believe) knew who to vote for.  This time, I’m not so sure…”

He made as if  to leave to get back to his business and not wanting to impose, I said “Just follow your conscience….”, meaning to go back and have a longer chat with him. After all there’s still another week to go to the polls I thought.

I came back home, checked my mail and I found this video from a friend.

It’s 18minutes plus, but watch especially the Intro, and the 2.10/5.0/7.0 and 8.30 minute marks.

That should help my friend and indeed all Malaysian Indians make up their mind.



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