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Reject Darkness Embrace Light

A disclosure of all that’s wrong with the ongoing GE13 campaigning and an exhortation to choose something better. This is Part Two in a short series on the 13th Malaysian General Elections from a fellow traveller:


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A simple analysis of the contents of the elections campaign and its strategies especially by Barisan Nasional has left much to be desired. In fact it can give any normal human person the creeps and metaphorically speaking, it seems like a open invitation to hell.

The campaign which is supposed to further elaborate and present in the most creative forms the principles, manifestoes, vision and mission of the parties and individual candidates is nothing but a vehement appeal to the darker side of the human person.

…Cash handouts, free vouchers, free meals coupled with free entertainment and the further promise of more cash seem to set the tone for the BN campaign. This is to entice the rakyat into supporting them of course but this appeals to greed.

…The constant reference to May 13th, and the threat of violence and unrest erupting if the BN do not have power appeals to fear.

…The continued stress on Malay supremacy and preferential privilege to be accorded appeal to racism, prejudice and discrimination.

…Pitting Muslims against Christians and the constant alluding to the threat of Christianity appeals to religious bigotry.

…The BN in campaigning on various issues only seems to appeal to the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the people.

These seem to take the centre-stage for the BN thrust to retain power. There is hardly anything that appeals to the goodness, maturity, intelligence, compassion and integrity of the people. There is nothing encouraging about the message of the BN. They are not campaigning on their merits but preying on the dark and dreary side of human limitation, thus counting on human failure for their success.

By doing so the BN has virtually no respect for the people, since it has no respect for the human person. Its strategies reek of human destruction, bent on breaking rather than building society. When there is no respect for the human person, there is no regard for human dignity and when there is no regard for human dignity, there is no regard for human rights. When there is no regard for human rights there is no social justice. Social justice is the foundation for a healthy, just and harmonious society.

A society characterized by the belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic and social life is possible if we decide on the right persons to be our leaders. Our criteria to choose must be those who can genuinely empower us and constantly appeal to our brighter side, to our goodness and to create a society where every person lives out his/her fullest potential.


Who NOT to vote for!

This morning I happened to go to one of my regular restaurants for “apom manis”.

As I was about to pay up and leave, the boss who happens to be a friend and a fellow Malaysian of Indian descent casually asked….

“Where are you voting?”

I replied, “Right here…at Sekolah Kebangsaan So and So”…

He went again, “Ahh..but who are you voting for?”

I gave him a wry smile…. I think he got the answer. I felt there was something more and waited …. Sure enough, he went on to add…

“Back in 2008, it was easier…we (the Indians, I believe) knew who to vote for.  This time, I’m not so sure…”

He made as if  to leave to get back to his business and not wanting to impose, I said “Just follow your conscience….”, meaning to go back and have a longer chat with him. After all there’s still another week to go to the polls I thought.

I came back home, checked my mail and I found this video from a friend.

It’s 18minutes plus, but watch especially the Intro, and the 2.10/5.0/7.0 and 8.30 minute marks.

That should help my friend and indeed all Malaysian Indians make up their mind.