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Imaginations (1)

A once in a while thing of all things big and small:

“If only she could manage to remember everything until tomorrow….

‘That’s how it is with children too,’ continued Ariel. ‘They’re the ones who come into the world first. The grown-ups always come limping after. Limping more and more the older they get.’

Cecilia thought that what Ariel was saying was so wise she wanted to write it all down in her Chinese notebook, so as not to forget it. But she didn’t dare do it while the angel was watching. She said, ‘But Adam and Eve were grown up.’

Ariel shook his head.

‘They became grown-up. That was the great mistake. When God created Adam and Eve they were inquisitive little children who climbed trees and played around in the big garden he had just made. There was no point in owning a big garden if there were no children to play in it.’

‘Is that true?’

‘I’ve told you, angels don’t tell lies.’

‘Tell me more, then!’

‘So they were tempted by the serpent to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and then they began to grow. The more they ate, the more they grew. That’s how they were gradually driven out of their childhood paradise. The little rogues were so hungry for knowledge that, in the end, they ate themselves out of Paradise.’

Cecilia gaped, and Ariel looked down at her with an indulgent look.

‘But of course you’ve heard all this before,’ he said.

She shook her head.

‘I’ve heard that Adam and Eve were driven out of Paradise, but nobody told me that it was from their childhood paradise.’

‘You might have been able to guess some of it yourself. But humans understand only in part. You see everything through a glass, darkly.’

(Through A Glass, Darkly – Jostein Gaarder)

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